Explore Borroloola

Attractions in and around

Borroloola is a tiny outback town, and can easily be explored by foot. One of the most interesting attractions is the Police Station Museum.

The old Police Station Museum offers a fascinating insight into the local history. The police station was constructed in 1886 when Borroloola was a significant river port and drovers’ camp. The buildings were used for 50 years by the police before becoming a patrol officer’s residence. It is the oldest surviving example of an outpost station in the Northern Territory. The town was a depot for resupply of cattle drives along the Gulf Stock Route and Barkly Tablelands properties. The Police station closed in 1946. The building now houses a small district museum, which tells many stories of occupation, administration and mining in the Gulf region. The museum is open to the public all year round.

The countryside around Borroloola is rugged, majestic and beautiful. The MacArthur River, which runs close to the town is a great place to sit and observe the wildlife and birds in the area. Don't be tempted to swim in the river however as crocodiles call this river home.

The countryside around Borroloola is diverse - from colourful wildflowers throughout the bush to waterways with water lilies and stands of tall, imposing trees. There is plenty to explore and admire.